About Me

Designer, illustrator & all around good guy

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Lasse Eriksen

I've been working with web & app design for the past 6 years. I've learned a lot from working with customers & developers and I hope to learn so much more.

Born and raised in Randers, till i moved to Copenhagen in 2014. Currently living in lovely Frederikssund (im too much of a smalltown boy)

My Services

App & Web Design

All my design is done in Sketch and exported to Zeplin, to create the best possible workflow with developers. Organised assets = happy developers.

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Icon design

Icons needs to be pixel perfect. They need to help the user get from a to b, with no confusion. Ohh and they're quite fun to create.

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I work with pencil, brushpens, brushes, anchor points anything I can get my hands on really. Illustration for posters or vector illustration for web, is both a big passion.

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I enjoy getting to work close with developers/designers/business owners. Everything is better analysing & applying knowledge together.

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Lets make the world better, together

I'm only as good as the people I work with. Design is about teamwork, I need your business and/or developer knowledge, combined we can make the best possible version of your product

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